Custom Fiberglass and Custom Plastic Vacuum Forming

For 39 years Arrowhead has focused on continually improving its custom composite molding and custom vacuum forming capabilities.  This focus on continuous improvement of core processes, materials and staff has facilitated Arrowhead becoming a contract manufacturer for companies in 35 different states and over 100 different industries.  Multiple plants, multiple process capabilities and hundreds of man years of experience give Arrowhead Sales Engineers the support they need to help existing and prospective customers with their new product ideas.  Assisting with designing for manufacturability, material selection, process selection, tooling design, and selection of post molding operations are some of the areas in which Arrowhead's staff can provide excellent assistance.

At Arrowhead, we are always interested in new composites and vacuum formed plastic projects and new customers so don't hesitate to contact us.  If you are not sure if your project is something that fits our capabilities, please discuss it with us.  If we determine that your project isn't a good fit for our capabilities we will let you know and many times we can refer you to another company better suited to manufacture your product.

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